Technology can enhance every business – but that doesn’t mean yours need every solution out there. This two-part technology series will help tell the must-haves from the nice-to-haves.

Technology is the world’s biggest industry, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, it’s accelerating to match the evolving needs of both customers and businesses.  

What does that mean? For most people, it means a future full of cool gadgets and one-click convenience. For technology and software developers, the demand for progressive tools is a goldmine.

Thanks to this growing demand, tech companies are churning out more solutions, platforms, and products than most companies could ever need.

The challenge is figuring out which ones meet your short- and long-term needs. But how can you plan when everything is changing so quickly?

Although every business faces different challenges, there is some technology that could become (almost) mandatory as the world becomes more digital.

This two-part article explores what these could be, and why they’re going to become so important.

But first, some time travel.

Before we share our must-have “tech-list”, it’s important to identify the forces that are driving ongoing digitalisation.

First is the digital employee. Huge advances in operational technology mean more tasks are automated than ever before. Remote and hybrid work is set to become the norm for the human workforce.

To make that work, businesses need to supply secure connections that keep their operations smooth and their people happy.

Connectivity opens a new world of possibilities. One consequence of constant connection is that the internet of things (IOT), where every device can be connected to the web and technology around it, can become real. And when it does, it will change everything from marketing to factory safety.

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 3D printing, drones, and robotics are all ready to revolutionise every industry – and it’s all thanks to the stability of the connections that bring all this technology together to make new business models and products possible.

With all that to come, it’s clear that businesses need technology that enables great connectivity.

Must-have technology #1: SD-Wan

It might sound like something from Star Wars, but SD-Wan – Software-Defined Wide Area Network – is top of our list for building a strong, digitally-enabled business.

Rather than leaving the strength and speed of your internet connection up to chance, SD-WAN finds the fastest path for your data to flow from A to B.

Most offerings will also allow you to prioritise certain offices or connections, and even speed over stability. So instead of waiting for that “foolproof” fibre to do the job, SD-WAN will send your data from LTE to 3G and fibre as needed so it gets there – quick.

A CTO KNOWS: 3 words matter in the digital future: connection, connection, connection.

Must-have technology #2: Cloud

Remember when vital information was flown, driven, and passed around via storage peripherals?

Thankfully, the days of flash drives and external hard-drives are largely over.

Instead, everything is on the Cloud: online servers that allows employees to access documents, software, and security protocols from anywhere. That means all your team needs to work together in real time, remotely, is an internet connection.

Cloud storage infinitely cheaper and more secure than physical solutions, but it has broken other barriers too. Now, you can hire the best people anywhere in the world and set up teams to keep your business running around the clock. You don’t even need to meet them in person.

A CTO KNOWS: Cloud breaks the shackles and makes your business truly agile.

Must-have technology #3: Cybersecurity

Security is a common concern when moving to the Cloud.

In theory, you’re only one password hack away from being exposed to ransomware and other malicious forms of malware.

Been hit by an attack? Stop reading and take a look at this.

Security is arguably one of the aspects of your business that is likely to remain in human hands moving forward.

Growing threats will require your team to apply daily security protocols, like recognising phishing and having IT security support on speed dial in case anything suspicious happens.

However, the best SD-WAN and Cloud offerings come with sophisticated security that is constantly being updated. These connected systems can switch off a device that’s been hacked before the virus can spread, lock out users who behave suspiciously, and even back themselves up so you never have more than 1 working days’ data at risk: so invest in the best.

A CTO KNOWS:  Get security you can bank on.

The Last Word

Technology can reinvent your business, but only if the best building blocks are in place. A great connection empowers your business to become truly digital. Using a Cloud solution is the perfect step, but always make sure you stay safe.

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